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Our course library contains the widest range of safety and work welfare educational multimedias. Only a fraction of our courses are translated to English, which are listed here.

Hover your mouse over the name of the multimedia, you'll see a short description about it. Multimedia opens by clicking on its name.

» List of all our multimedias (in Finnish, use Google Translator)

Et ole vielä kirjautunut tai sinulla ei ole oikeuksia englannin-kielisiin opetusmultimedioihin.
Kirjaudu sisään, jos olet tilannut multimediat englanniksi.
Englanninkieliset multimediat voit tilata lisähintaan 29 euroa /kk 3T Kouluttajalisenssin oheen. Ota yhteyttä myynti@3tratkaisut.fi

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3T Multimedias in English


System requirements:

    • Broadband-speed internet access
    • Screen resolution at least 1024x768,
      preferably in a high quality colors (32 bit)
    • Sound card and speakers or headphones
    • Flash Player version 8 or later installed in the browser

If the course or a single page does not start,
press the course navigation button "Beginning of page"
3T Multimedia Library / individual training courses,
licensing for the entire organization:
    • Organization may also license library for their intranet / workstations
    • Free access to the entire organization
    • Self-study or in groups, performance registrable
    • example of the price: whole 3T Multimedia Library for free use for 500 people less than 2 € / person / month!
Ask for more information and demonstration: sales@3tratkaisut.fi

» FAQ (in Finnish, use Google Translator)

» Flash-help (in Finnish only) 

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